The Fourelements Kinbaku Lounge was founded in 2014 as a place for teaching, events and workshops.
The Fourelements provides a save space to learn and experience Shibari.


The dojo “Fourelements” was founded in 2014 in western Germany as a place for teaching, events and workshops.

Osada Ryu Dojo Cologne/Bonn and Kinbaku Lounge

Here, all those wanting to learn Kinbaku – possibly even according to Osada Ryu or Yukimura Ryu – have found the right place. I (Michael Ropeknight) am the owner of the dojo and am one of the few licensed instructors of these Shibari schools worldwide. Additionally, the dojo is home to events like “Seilzeit” (rope time) that have been taking place regularly since 2014. These events are scheduled every two to four weeks and give newcomers a chance to become acquainted with Shibari as well as allowing advanced students to learn and practice their skills.

For us, Shibari is a passion and a unique feeling. For this reason we built the dojo in such a way as to capture this special energy and mood that our guests value so highly. It is what makes our encounters, studying and experiences with others so very extraordinary.

The Fourelements combines mood and functionality

In addition to soft lighting, first class furniture and equipment, the dojo offers the perfect conditions for all the needs of the Shibari practitioners. Ten suspension points are set up and can be used in parallel. Two movable vertical beams (Hashira) as well as cozy places for conversation and observation of others are also available. Overall this setup offers excellent conditions to all those wanting to learn traditional Shibari.

The Fourelements provides guests the option of spending the night. A small kitchen,shower and bathroom are available. In between lessons the students have the opportunity to practice what they learned at their leisure.

A retreat to learn and experience Shibari

We have invested a lot of effort and passion into the design of the dojo and believe we have created a unique retreat with a special atmosphere. A lot of care has been taken to secure the suspension points. Nevertheless all visitors are responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of the tying partners. All guests are requested to always verify the suitability of the provided equipment and location for themselves.

If you would like to attend an event, please check „events“ for upcoming dates. If you are interested in learning Shibari, you can get in touch with me via the contact formula on this website.